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Our products

When it comes to anti-toll fraud, anti-phreaking systems, call logging, call accounting, call management systems for business and reservations systems for motels, lodges and small hotels, we have all the bases covered - from always-on, automatic voice security protecting your phone system/PBX all day, every day from toll fraud, phreaking and PBX hacking; and from basic call logging and call accounting systems to professional centralised call management systems for business; to affordable, easy-to-use reservations systems for small to mid-sized motels, hotels and lodges.

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Toll fraud & voice security

Toll fraud or dial-through fraud and especially International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is a growing global crime and if your phone system/PBX becomes a victim of hacking and phreaking attacks, your phone bill could be 10-100 times higher than usual - and sometimes even higher than this - but you'll be expected to pay for this unauthorised call traffic.  Control Phreak stops all toll fraud, dial-through fraud and phone system/PBX hacking continuously all day, every day providing automatic toll-fraud detection and protection.

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Our Support Service

You can get help instantly from our support engineers online via our Callista Support Calling Card or via phone or email to have someone virtually alongside you whenever you need help. Our fully-manned Global Support Service operates on the following schedule on New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) :

Continuously 24-hours-a-day from Sunday 8pm to Saturday 5pm
Saturday 8pm to Sunday 4am
Sunday 9am to 5pm


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